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Hey, guys! I bought my plane ticket today but I only need $700 more to cover my BASIC costs for this trip! Please consider giving ANYTHING you can to help me go spread the gospel in Ecuador. Every single penny helps. 

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I’m logging back on this account to reblog this! I’ve gotten an awesome opportunity to go to South America for two weeks this summer to work kids’ camps! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider giving even one or two dollars to help out! 


I’ve been on the brink of a panic attack since my mom left town a few hours ago. This stupid break in is literally messing with my whole life. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve been on the brink of a panic attack since my mom left town a few hours ago. This stupid break in is literally messing with my whole life. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

"They should name the royal baby either Prince S. or Tequila Skyler."

- The Roommate, Thug Cottage (via talesfromthecottage)

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It’s official: Tales from the Cottage is your new source of all things silly. Roommate stories are ALWAYS fun and mine is the best :)


Leave It All To Me: I heard a guy on the radio this morning talking about how he had...


I heard a guy on the radio this morning talking about how he had gotten poison ivy over the weekend. He listed off home remedies that he had tried (hair dryer on the sores, oatmeal bath, etc.), to no avail. He finally broke down and went to the doctor where they gave him medicine to help decrease…

Anonymous asked: Rebuking anonymously and sharing a personal conflict in public are two different things. Everyone can see your post naming her name public, and it could very easily cause another to stumble into judging the situation without knowing anything about it. If a person is not part of the problem or solution it's called gossip. Is the whole entire Tumblr community part of the problem or the solution? You welcomed a public rebuke when you publicly sinned against a sister.

Also, just something to perhaps keep in your heart and think about, is there a possibility that perhaps some people won’t want to rebuke you if you know their name because of the attitude you bring back to them on your blog? Perhaps they are afraid others will judge them if you put their name out publicly on your blog like you do to others. Just something to think about. You don’t have to respond in public about this. It’s just for your own personal thoughts…

Let me make a few things very clear.

1. I don’t mind you having an opinion about my opinions. It’s the fact that you’re telling me I’m wrong about something that you yourself are doing that I have a problem with. I have an issue with the complete double standards of your entire “rebuke.”  

2. I did not sin against a “sister.” Calling someone out for something they did wrong is not sinning. If so, then you yourself are in sin as well. Congratulations. 

3. Attitude from me only comes when necessary. We’re supposed to turn the other cheek, but Christ never said we had to let people treat us like door mats. If you come to me with an attitude, don’t get offended when I dish it right back. I’ve had people come to me with issues about something before and they have done it in complete kindness. This, however, has been a blind and unmerciful attack on something that doesn’t even involve you. Back down, sparky. 

4. Being afraid isn’t a good reason to come to me or anyone else anonymously. It’s just being a coward. If you can’t be man enough to show your face, don’t clutter my inbox with your negative mail about an issue you know nothing about. 

5. And, yeah, rebuking anonymously is a a different thing. Wanna know why? Because it’s hiding behind a nice little grey face and never having to face up to a real confrontation. That’s why it’s different. Not because it’s not public. Your message is still public. You’re just afraid to make your identity public, it doesn’t change the message being public at all. 

6. Why do you care so much about this? Seriously? If you know me in real life, why not just come to me as a friend and say something? If not, why does it matter to you? And if you’re a friend of hers then you aren’t a very good one. True friends don’t hide behind faceless, nameless avatars. 

7. Also, according to your definition of gossip, I’m not gossiping so…I don’t really see what the problem is here.

8. Regarding public rebuke. Lemme just make a public announcement here: DO NOT SEND ME INBOX REBUKE IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR NAME ON MY BLOGGGG. I will post every message of rebuke that comes into my inbox whether you’re anonymous or not. Guess what? You’re on a public forum! Welcome to the internet! If you say something, it doesn’t just go away…it becomes public property. Therefore, do not be surprised if, when you make a decision on a public forum, your name shows up on my blog. My parents always used to tell me never to say something unless I was willing to write it, sign it, and tell it to the world. I would say that the same applies here. Don’t say something to me if you’re ashamed of it being public knowledge. 

So why don’t you consider keeping all of that in your heart and thinking about it? Maybe you need to examine your heart as well. 

Anonymous asked: Alexis, I am sorry, but your last post calling someone out by name is completely uncalled for. It is incredibly rude and not at all thriving for the unity we are called to have in Christ. No one needed to know what happened between you two except the two of you and God. Blogging about it in public is gossip, as no one here on Tumblr has anything to do with the problem or solution. I don't understand your reasoning for wanting to cause division with her, but I will pray you examine your heart.

I’m sorry, but treating me like a child and blocking me on Facebook is completely uncalled for. If people don’t want to be called out for the stupid things they do…then they shouldn’t do those stupid things. It’s as easy as that. If she has a problem with me telling people what she did, then she shouldn’t have done it. It’s literally that simple. This whole concept of keeping things that happen in the closet is ridiculous.

Nobody on this site is striving for unity in the body of Christ. Don’t even tell me that kind of junk. People backstab and ankle bite and criticize and make fun of others 24/7. Don’t tell me this is a healthy, Christ-honoring community because it’s not.

And everyone has everything to do with the problem. If you aren’t a part of that community, then you won’t understand. And even if you are, you’ll probably defend her anyways because you’re either blind or you simply don’t know the whole story. 

Also, since when do you get to say whatever you want behind a gray face but if I expose mine it’s not okay? Would it be better if I removed my face and my name from that post? Would that make you feel better? Because clearly you’re okay with giving your opinion without a name. What makes the difference? 


Oh, hey. I’m back for like two seconds just to say this to all of you who still follow me.

The “Tumblr famous Christians” on here are ridiculous. 50% of them are complete fakes who make fun of you if you’re wrong and block you on Facebook like a middle-schooler if you give your opinion and they don’t like it (thanks, Susanna). I cannot be the only person who sees all the two-faced, hypocritical actions going on here by the people who are “leaders” in this “community.”

That’s why I LEFT this blog. But IT KEEPS FOLLOWING ME. JUST STOP. Stop following my other blog. Stop asking me questions. Stop acting like you’re better than everyone else. You run a successful blog on a website known for porn and stupid memes. Congratulations.  


Seriously, some people are beyond stupid.

A piece of advice: DO NOT ask my personal opinion and then BLOCK ME on a social networking site when I give it to you.


Here is the prolife video that my sweet boy and I worked on over the summer. I haven’t actually watched it yet because Jess is in DC for the Inauguration. But as soon as he gets home we will watch it together! I hope God uses us to touch you and encourage you. It’s not very long so please watch it and inbox me your thoughts

I hope this blesses you!


No, you cannot be actively pursuing a gay lifestyle and be a Christian. Just as you cannot actively be a liar or a cheater or an adulterer. None of these people are in a true, saving relationship with Christ. Period.

Do I think that there are Christians who struggle with a homosexual tendency? Absolutely. But I do I think that anyone who is in a gay relationship or is giving place to those feelings is a follower of Christ? Absolutely not.

Yes, that’s a judgement. The Bible doesn’t say not to judge, it says that by the same measure with which you judge, shall you also be judged. If I were actively pursuing sin without repentance, you would do me a disservice to not rebuke and judge me. 

Also, I am aware that no one is perfect. But God calls us to constant reform.

Unfollow away, people. 

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Much love!


"If you are not active in the church, you are hurting your brothers and sisters. One paralyzed leg forces the rest of the body to work twice as hard to make up for that leg’s inactivity."

- Francis Chan, “Multiply” (via leaveeitalltomee)